General Easy Accountant

An easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for anyone to come up with an idea without prior experience 42 Company using the general easy accountant.


Our Vision

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Our Mission

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Easy to use interface

The program has an easy to use interface Make it easy for anyone Use it without prior experience

Distinctive interfaces

Keyboard shortcuts to access Quick to your desired screen

Fast Backup

Automated base backup system Data to keep from loss Ease of retrieval

Sales and purchase invoices

Quick Invoice feature that allows You can register a sales invoice in moments

Multiple languages

The possibility of translating the program into The English language is very simple

Support barcode

Barcode reader supports reading And write completely

customize appearance

Control show, hide and customize Columns within the program

Detailed reports

Warehouse reports accounts and sales

Download Your copy Free

The trial version is available for download and it does not contain a password. Just press Enter when a password is requested to log in. In the trial version, there are five bills. You can try the program as you wish. 
and if you want to activate your copy it’s  easy by connect with  us… 

Some Companies that use the simple universal accountant

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