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WordPress is a website content management system, and WordPress is built in the programming language PHP and MySQL, and one of its most important features is its ease of updating, and it is characterized by an easy-to-use user interface that allows you to change the site’s colors, font, and format. And if we touch on the possibility of Arabizing both, we will find that

انواع القوالب

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    fixed templates
    It can be localized easily because it is uncomplicated and mostly consists of one page or several pages.
  2. 2
    dynamic templates
    It is somewhat complicated because it contains many software add-ons, a control panel and a special system, and therefore it contains thousands of phrases, texts and codes.

What distinguishes the localization of ready-made templates from creating a website, application or online store from the beginning

Speed ​​and response
It is very responsive, especially on smartphones and tablets, to ensure an excellent user experience
Vivid designs
This service provides you with many ready-made bio designs that allow you to choose the most appropriate design for your products and services and present them in the best way
possibility of modification
The most important feature of these templates is that you can modify them according to your vision and what you need
Browser compatibility
Fits all browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

About how to localize the templates

These are some of the steps that take place during the localization of the templates, and not all of them may seem to you simple steps, but of course there are some complex steps in which you need a programmer or a professional designer, so you can use the work team (Fadi-Tech).
Modify JavaScript code
It is intended to modify the directions and the like in the scripts of the template so that no failure occurs during the modifications to the template.
Flip column directions from left to right
This is because the direction of writing the Arabic language differs from the direction of writing the English language.
Arabization of texts and phrases
Delete kerning and text and change dimensions
Switch The Language

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